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Sophomores Resources

Important Information for Sophomores

Now that you’re a sophomore, it’s time to get more serious about planning for your future and preparing for college.  To help you stay focused and on track, here’s a list of the things you need to do this year.

  • Work hard to get good grades.  The stronger your high school academic record, the more college options you will have.  

  • Develop your interests and be involved.  Colleges are looking for students who are active and involved in their school and community.  Participate in school activities, do some volunteer work, and take time to develop your interests and talents.

  • Consider taking a practice test.  Many high schools offer tests (e.g. PSAT) to help sophomores prepare for the ACT and SAT.  Your counselor will have information on the tests offered at your school.

  • Think about what’s important to you.  Are you looking for a college close to home? One with a specific major?  Is size or cost important?  To explore your college options, visit Naviance or

  • Make informal college visits.  Visiting different colleges is the best way to find out what kind of college will be the best fit for you.  Take a walk around a college campus, go to a sporting event, or eat in the Student Union.

  • Think about a major.  Your major is the subject you will study in depth.  Start thinking about your interests, talents, and abilities in terms of possible majors.

  • Meet with your counselor.  Talk to your counselor about your college plans, ask questions, and make sure you're taking the courses you need for college.

  • Review your next year's schedule.


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