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JAG Program


What is JAG?

Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) is a state-based, national non-profit organization dedicated to preparing students for college and careers after High School.

JAG is a place where you can connect and network with people for opportunities such as job interviews and college interviews. JAG also mentors and tutors the youth and gives the students the knowledge and confidence for college preparation and job etiquette. Students who participate in the program will develop academic and career goals leading up to graduation and beyond. 

MVHS JAG’s Mission           

JAG is committed to helping resolve our country's dropout and transition problems by expanding state organizations and local programs. These help young people greatest at risk overcome barriers to graduation from high school and become college and career ready!

Where Are We? 

JAG is everywhere! We are located in nearly every state in the United States. You can find us typically in  any local high school. Not only is JAG in the classroom, but we are in colleges as well!

What Does JAG Do? 

JAG is dedicated in helping students increase their potential and work habits in order to transition into the workplace as smoothly as possible.
JAG also increases the number of high school graduates in the school.


In JAG, we do project based learning activities (PBL), where the students are more engaged in learning the assigned lesson. Students learn how to communicate efficiently with others. The students succeed by brainstorming their ideas into a creative solution for the project. 


Some of our projects include:
Suicide Prevention  Awareness program, and  unloading, stocking, and inventorying food  for the Gleaners Food Bank that is located in Mt. Vernon High School.  Another PBL project was our Dress to Impress.   Here the students collected gently used business clothing and donated it to Goodwill.  This helped those less fortunate to obtain professional business wear.

JAG has also participated in the Y.E.S. Program at Lucas Oil Raceway.  We have done a PBL, where we were divided into teams.  Each team builds its own dragster and markets their team to the school.  The project will end with a race of the dragsters between teams.

What Can JAG Do For Me?     

JAG offers students the chance to visit college campuses and possible career sites. This encourages students to plan their future while having fun. 

Other skills that are covered are the development of verbal and written communications, building self-esteem and confidence, career testing, and the development  of critical thinking skills.   

Throughout the program, JAG also prepares you for many types of interviews that you will use during your lifetime (job, career, and service work). JAG provides members academic mentoring and tutoring. JAG also provides development of academic and career goals leading to graduation and a plan for after high school.  

How Can I Join?

If you are a junior or senior in high school, simply visit your guidance counselor and ask if there is a JAG program at your school and if you can join. 

The JAG program is typically a 2 year program with a JAG specialist who mentors you to be a successful adult in the classroom and in the workplace, with a year of follow-up after graduation to help keep you on a successful path.

5 of 5 Award

Mt. Vernon High School has a quality program.  We have been recognized as a “5 of 5” school.  This means that our students have met or exceeded the national standards in the following areas:  graduation rate, job placement, positive outcomes, and enrollment in school, military, or full-time employment



Jobs for America's Graduates (JAG) Specialist 

Mt. Vernon High School

8112 North 200 West

Fortville, IN 46040