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High school student-athletes desiring to play sports at the college level need to register with the NCAA prior to college acceptance. The NCAA recommends high school sophomores interested in competing in collegiate athletics in Division I, II, or III register with the NCAA Eligibility Center and create their student account. If you have questions about your eligibility or the registration process, you may call them toll free @ 877-262-1492.


Student-athletes are also required to complete specific coursework in high school to be eligible to play sports in college. The course requirements are determined by the school's membership in the NCAA whether they have opted to be Division I, II or III. As early as your freshman year of high school, you should be proactive in planning out your courses with your counselor to keep you on track to meet all the eligibility requirements of your college's division.To assist you with determining the coursework that aligns with your college goals, check out the NCAA High School Course Requirements Overview.


The NCAA provides the following resources for high school student-athletes to track their performance both on and off the field to ensure they are prepared and eligible to compete at the college level.


NCAA Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete

NCAA Initial Eligibility Brochure

National Junior College Athletic Association

DII Eligibility Quick Reference Sheet

Amateurism Certification Process


NAIA Colleges & Universities

Play NAIA-For the student-athlete looking to continue their athletic careers at a school connected with  NAIA division of sports.

NCAA Recruiting Facts

Health and Safety

Sexual Violence Prevention Tool Kit

Visit for more information about recruiting

Mt. Vernon Marauders Athletics

Strategy for Future College Athletes provided by NCAAPUBLICATIONS.COM

Grade 9

  • Ask your counselor for a list of your high school’s NCAA core courses to make sure you take the right classes.

Grade 10

Grade 11

  • Check with your counselor to make sure you will graduate on time with the required number of NCAA core courses.
  • Take the ACT or SAT and submit your scores to the NCAA using code 9999.
  • At the end of the year, ask your counselor to upload your official transcript to the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Grade 12

  • Finish your last NCAA core courses.
  • Take the ACT or SAT again, if necessary, and submit your scores to the NCAA using code 9999.
  • Complete all academic and amateurism questions in your NCAA Eligibility Center account at
  • After you graduate, ask your counselor to submit your final official transcript with proof of graduation to the NCAA Eligibility Center.