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Scheduling Information

Please use the information on this page to plan and schedule your high school classes and make sure you are staying on track for graduation!  Below you will find links to helpful documents such as the Course Scheduling Handbook, Course Request Sheets, Diploma Requirements, Graduation Pathways Checklists, Applications for Career and Technical Programs, and more!

2023-2024 MVHS Course Scheduling Handbook

  2023-2024  Scheduling for High School Classes Video

2023-2024 8th Grade Presentation

How to Enter Course Request in Skyward for 9th grade.

How to Enter Course Request in Skyward for 10th-12th Grades.

2023-2024 9th Grade Course Request Sheet

2023-2024 10th Grade Course Request Sheet

2023-2024 11th Grade Course Request Sheet 

2023-2024 12th Grade Course Request Sheet

MVHS Core 40 Graduation Requirements

MVHS Core 40 with Academic Honors Graduation Requirements

MVHS Core 40 with Technical Honors Graduation Requirements

Mt. Vernon High School Graduation Requirements and Diploma Types

AP/ACP/Dual Credit Drop Form

2023-2024 Early Graduate Application

2023-2024 Cooperative Education Application (ICE)

PE Waiver                                    

Teacher's Assistant Application



Vocational Programs


2023-2024 Anderson Career Center Application

Walker Career Center - Program and course information

2023-2024 Walker Career Center program application



MVHS CTE Program Applications



2023-2024 Aviation Technology Application

2023-2024 Criminal Justice I/II Application

2023-2024 Computer Science Application 

2023-2024 Health Science I Application 

2023-2024 Health Science II Application

2023-2024 HVAC I Application

2023-2024 HVAC II Application 

2023-2024 Veterinary Application

2023-2024 Welding I Application

2023-2024 Welding II Application