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Cooperative Education

Students have the opportunity to expand their real-world experience through Mt. Vernon High School's Cooperative Education program. Students can receive hands-on experience and vital knowledge in the workforce. This is a great opportunity for students to experience a field they may be interested in pursuing after high school. 


The Cooperative Education Teacher, Mrs. Karen Cochran, can help to place students in a job if the student needs assistance. This experience can be very rewarding for the student, as they begin to network in a field they may pursue. Students learn valuable skills and experiences that can help their future careers.

Madison King, Community Relations Intern



Prerequisites: Recommended - A minimum of 4 credits in a logical sequence of courses from program areas related to the student's career pathway

Recommended Prerequisites: Preparing for College and Careers, two credits in a career and technical education course

Eligibility: 12th grade and an Application Process

4 quarters, 6 credits per year

Cooperative Education (COOP EDU) is an approach to employment training that spans all career and technical education program areas through school-based instruction and on the job training. Time allocations are a minimum of fifteen hours per week of on-the-job training and approximately five hours per week of school-based instruction, focused on employability skills development. Additionally, all state and federal laws and regulations related to student employment and cooperative education must be followed. Students will attend school part of the day and work part of the day. Students will be expected to provide their own transportation to work. Applications will be taken for this program and acceptance will be based on GPA, attendance  and teacher recommendation.