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Schedule & District Info

Excellence in Education

Mt. Vernon High School provides a safe educational environment which promotes maximum academic achievement through independent and critical thinking.  The MVHS daily schedule encompasses a four-block schedule to aid in the development of skills necessary for independent, lifelong learning.

Mt. Vernon High School's Bell Schedules, Two-Hour Delays, and "Early Release Wednesdays" are Linked HERE.

MVHS School Improvement Plan


Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation's Mission:


Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation will Engage, Educate and Empower today's students to seize tomorrow's opportunities.

School Fight Song: 

Hail, Hail to Mt. Vernon High
Hail to the Gold and White
We will be loyal to you
Through our battles tried and true
Fight, Fight, Fight
Fighting Marauders are we
Onto victory
We are proud to sing, all the praises of
Our Mt. Vernon High
Marauders, Marauders
Are the best!


The Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation (MVCSC) has a commitment to provide a positive educational experience that is tailored to meet the children's' evolving stages of cognitive development.  MVCSC wants to prepare children for challenges and opportunities - both inside and outside of the classroom.  

Mt. Vernon High School offers a diverse and challenging curriculum with many opportunities where students can succeed while providing the benefits of a smaller system.  Children have many opportunities through curriculum, clubs and activities, and athletics.  MVCSC is the right size to provide the balance of endless options for the students while still receiving personal attention.  Students are not just a number and are not lost in the shuffle; we are small enough to get to know the students and encourage them in their journey.


MVCSC Enrollment
  2022-2023 2021-2022
 Mt. Vernon High School 1,431 1,375
 Mt. Vernon Middle School   1,070 1,019
 Fortville Elementary 719 722
 McCordsville Elementary 673 699
 Mt. Comfort Elementary 650 606
 Mini-Marauder Preschool 134 106
 Total Students 4,677 4,527


Details on Enrollment can be found on the Indiana Department of Education Page HERE.

DISTRICT MAP - The Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation is located on the northwest side of Hancock County and is next to the Hamilton Southeastern and Lawrence school districts.  Click HERE for a map.


Vision Statement:


Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation is where parents choose to send their children, students are successful, highly qualified personnel desire to work, and the community is proud to support. We are committed to serving a diverse population in a safe, secure, and challenging learning environment where students are engaged in a rigorous, relevant and technologically-enhanced curriculum. Student success is nurtured through diverse instructional methods enabled by partnerships fostered between students, parents, school, and community. A strategic and fiscally responsible approach ensures a sustainable, highly effective learning experience inside and outside the classroom. We respect the uniqueness of each student as we engage, educate, and empower them to seize their futures as responsible members of society.


MVHS School Mascot:  

The Marauder